What lies ahead...

In the near future I plan to do much more travelling to many of my favourite places and places I have never been before. I plan to go on a trip around the world one year once I earn some money and explore my dreams and adventures with maybe some friends.
I plan when I am older to look back on past experiences, adventures and dreams to maybe have accomplished them or intended too go somewhere new and seek new opportunities. Once I have finished high school I'm thinking about going on a trip around Europe with my family.
I am aiming by the time I am 30 I have gone to at least 4-5 places I wish to go too and create memories that will last forever.

What to do in Melbourne!

Melbourne is considered to be one of the most versatile capitals in the world. It is home to many different activities such as the Hot air balloons, Australian Football League and many beaches to relax in.

What to do in Melbourne

- City Circle tram
This tram lets you go through the heart of Melbourne for free.

- Australian Football League 
The AFL is one of the most amazing sites for lovers sport. the AFL season goes from around March to September. The tickets start from $35+ in the MCG.

- Hot air Balloons 
There is a great way to start the morning by going on one of the most beautiful rides ever. The Hot air balloons over Melbourne city are amazing and prices are approx $440.

- Sea Life aquarium
This aquarium is best for young kids or adventure seekers. At the Sea life aquarium you can swim with sharks, walk around and enjoy the ocean or take your young ones on a tour of the aquarium. Prices range form tickets- $28 for children and $41.50 for adults. The shark diving is $299.

- Melbour…

Travel Blog

Check out this amazing travel blog.

Nomadic Matt

This blog has many tips for when travelling like, how to save money for trips, how to pack and how to travel has an individual or in a group. This blog is great, I would recommend people to go check it out.

Top ten places to travel for a relaxing holiday

1. Bali
Bali is the best place to travel because it has beautiful weather, beaches and for their massages. Just the way to relax. 
2. Thailand
Thailand provides delicious food, perfect beaches and lush rain forests. 
3. Hawaii
Hawaii has beautiful scenery to look at and get lost in deep thought. 
4. Maldives
Are you that type of person who lays in bed looks at the world around you, then I think the Maldives if for you. you can get exclusive huts over the water and watch the fish swim. It is perfect way to relax. 
5. Bora Bora
Bora Bora is much like Maldives except that there are little islands all around that you can travel to. 
6. Cook Islands
The cook islands are a group of islands that you can explore and relax in. each island has something different to offer.
7. Bahamas 
The Bahamas are paradise. The crystal clear water with the white sand make this place get to relax in. 
8. Mexico
Mexico offers warm weather, adventures and great beaches. you can completely lose yourself in the serenity. 
9. Car…

Why is travel good for you

Check this You-Tube video about, 17 Reasons Travel is good for you!